Writing tips – Articles

If you ever need to write an article you may find it helpful to use the 5 Ws and the H.

In case you have never heard of them before, the 5 Ws and the H are Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. You may ask yourself what that means and why they seem to be so important? People working in journalism at the beginning of the 20th century could have said that your story wasn’t complete until you answered all these six questions. And they would probably be right. If you fail to answer any of these questions you could end up with blanks in your story.

Let’s analyse this aspect in more detail through one of the stories we used with our little students in Halloween.


Who was involved? The witch, a cat, a dog, a frog, a bird and a dragon.

What happened? The witch kept loosing some of her assets and each time one of the animals helped her to recover the lost object. In return they asked whether there was “room on the broom” for them. In the end the broom snapped in two and the witch was on the point of becoming a dragon’s meal.

Where did it take place? It took place in the sky, while the witch and her animals were flying.

When did it take place? On a windy day.

Why did it happen? It happened because the wind blew hard and the witch couldn’t keep her hat, her wand or her bow. As the frog (the last animal to be invited on the broom) jumped, the broomstick broke and the witch collided into the dragon, which decided to have “witch with chips”.

How did it happen? When the frog jumped the broomstick broke, so disaster struck. The dragon decided it was time for a meal and chased the witch until she was saved by the disguised animals.

As we can observe in this example, if we give answer to these six questions we can write a report without too much trouble.

For more tips about writing and more, follow us. If you want to learn English call us and we will look for the perfect solution for you.


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